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Harley Fine
Harley Fine is president of Super 70 Studio in Fishkill, NY and a premier PRODUCER, ENGINEER, MUSICIAN, AND WRITER well known in the music industry.

Film Crew:
Bradly Dever Treadaway_Director
Crew Members
Meryl Feigenberg
Meryl Feigenberg is an artist and educator. After graduating from the International Center of Photography Meryl now works across photography, video, and text exploring ideas of (dis)connection and fragmentation. In addition to her own work she teaches art and photography to young people.
Qian Ma
Qian Ma is a Brooklyn-based artist.
Barry Mayo
Barry Mayo is an upstate New York-based photographer whose work primarily addresses issues of race in both still photography and multimedia. In addition to the documentation of his extensive travels, Mayo is currently working on a study off the offspring of mixed raced unions…encapsulating the experiences and struggles with identity of both young people and adults.
J.C. Scruggs
JC Scruggs is a filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY.
Patricia Silva
Patricia Silva is Lisbon-born, New York-based artist and collaborator working with video, photography, and the written word. Most recently, Patricia has exhibited visual works in the Berlin Biennale (2011), at the International Center of Photography's Pavilion (2013) and had a publication on view at the International Center of Photography's Triennial: A Different Kind of Order (2013). Patricia studied Traditional and Digital photography at the School of Visual Arts and earned a Masters' Degree in Advanced Photographic Study from Bard College.